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Building your own ''Custom Patches''

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Howdy, I'm still trying to find the best way to build custom tones while saving precious time.


I've been using Helix products since May 2019.


1- Would you say your wasting time building preset with headphone's ?


2- Do you guys generally find yourself having to re-tweak your tones via an speaker monitor (FRFR) or speaker cab in order to get good tones for Live uses?


3- Should I be using and headphone amp with the headphone output of the Helix in order to drive the DT770 ?


I Find myself having to re-tweak my preset using an FRFR speaker @ 90-100dB level. Drastic EQ changes compared to using headphone (Beyer DT 770, 80 ohm). The patch seems to be too boomy and lack definition.




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1) For the most part, yes. Volume is most of the problem. A comfortable headphone volume is usually considerably lower than typical stage volume. At higher volumes, lows and highs become more prominent, accounting for the "boominess" you're hearing. (Look up the "Fletcher- Munson curve" if you're interested in why this is the case)


2) Different output, different volume = different tone. You need to tweak your patches through the same speakers you'll be using live (or ones as similar as possible), and at or very close to stage volume.


If doing so is not an option at home, then I suggest keeping different set lists with patches tweaked for each scenario. It's more work up front, but the alternative is spending half your waking hours constantly switching settings back and forth.


3) A headphone amp won't help you. It can't compensate for the Fletcher-Munson curve, and generally isn't necessary unless you're using very high impedance cans.

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  @cruisinon2 Thanks for the reply it pretty much sums it up.

Building patches with a pair of headphone is not the way to go in order to use these patches live on gigs.

I'll have to rework my patche building process in order to save some time. Cheers :D


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