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This defect happens, well regularly. 

I will be jamming or listening to some music cause I do like to use my line 6 to plug up to some speakers, and just jam to songs. 

Now, once in a while it will basicly "shut down" the led lights for the clip dont flash and the meters still glow but do not recognize input sound.

So once i unplug it from my pc and plug it back in the clip lights flash back and forth.

Once this happens any other usb device such as a mouse etc will shut down as well.

so im wondering is it the drivers? because it says its all updated and im not sure its really annoying.

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Sorry it took me a while to get back to you guys

im also having another problem if you check out my otther post.

Im using a laptop


Toshiba Satellite c675

with windows 7 ive never had a problem before with this.

Please check out my other post.

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