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My Jtv-59p Simulations Seems To Lack In Volume And Dynamic

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Hi, I've just got a JTV-59P (2.00 firmware). When i plugged it into my PodHD500x I've got this impressions:

1 - guitar models, sounds digitally "correct", but the volume is low. Compared to the on board real P90, the simulation is too low in volume, I've also compared my strat (Gilmour pickpus) with the simulation, again, the simulated strat volume seems too low (about 5db)

Moreover I've lowerd the pickup height, consistently, but magnetic output is still overall higher than digital

2 - the worst thing came on dynamics: when I've tried the comparison with volume pot at 5/10 all the models sounds too low (compared to magnetic pickups at the same volume level) and sterile.

3 - In some pod settings this lack is evident: with octave fuzz at 3/10 volume magnetic pickups has a good smooth sound, while generally from digital simulations there are no output!

4 - Another lack came from sustain: magnetic pickup have more sustain than simulations


It's a pity, 'cause I enjoyed the concept of this guitar, and I like a lot my podhd500x.



what do you think about? have you got the same impression? it can be a problem of my guitar?

thanks in advance, excuse me for my english

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Have you tried connecting to Workbench HD and seeing what the GLOBAL STRING volumes are set at?   They should all be 0db but when I installed v2.0, when I checked in Workbench HD, I had different values for each string, all lower than 0db.  


If the GLOBAL STRING Volumes are all at 0db, then check to see what the individual string volumes are for each model - from memory, I think these default to 100% - so if any are set lower then you may wish to boost them.


If your GLOBAL STRING volume is at 0db and your model string volumes are at 100% - then the only thing you can do is boost the output for each model using the settings provided in Workbench HD for the model - you can boost individual pick up output or the overall volume of the model.


You will probably find you need to tweak each of your favourite models to your preferred tastes.   I am sure I saw a thread where someone posted a link to a file containing a WB bundle with all the v2.0 models with their volumes all levelled out, but I can't find it at the moment.


If you really don't want to be bothered with all that, then try rolling back to v1.9 and see if you prefer the model volume levels in that.


Hope that helps!

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thanks a lot to everyone for the answers

to downgrade to 1.9 you must downgrade workbench too, it is a little boring!

I've done, the things seems to be a little better, but some problem still remains


i.e: (1.9 or 2.0): try mag at 2/10 and models at 2/10 volume:

the sound of models seems to be not only less loud, but sterile and without crispness and harmonics of mags.

so you can't solve this simply with an increase of global volume


but, to be honest, when I've compared again the model with my real strat I've seen the real strat have a volume pot behave very similar to the models.

It seems magnetic pickup of JVT shows a different dynamic behave from the magnetic pickups of the real guitars which the model came from (a busy concept with a poor english, I wish I was clear enough!)

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moreover: magnetic pickups seems to have a treble bleed circuit

I've experimentend some pots customization and there are good results:

i.e. in strat models I've changed all volume pots to 100k and tone to 25K, now the sound is fuller, more usable, more dynamic and the output is the same of mag


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