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Helix LT - use for vocal fx + guitar via midi

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Hey Guys!

So my Band recently went full on helix lt which means we want to use the helix of our singer/rhythm guitarist for vocal fx and guitar.
We have two Singers in total which both use a shure wireless mic-system.

So I thought that because the wireless uses line level, we could plug the two systems into the fx returns (and a clean signal to mix with foh) and use them for vocal stuff like telephone fx or delays.
Next to that, our singer two sounds in total. 1. is just a distorted sound in mono (1 Amp + IR + TS808) 2. Is the same but with the Helix double take activated.

We imagine that the two XLR outs are for the mic fx and the two 6,3mm output jacks go through a stereo DI for the guitar.

For direct control this is quite a simple setup right? just using the vocal fx + double take + both Mic-Inputs in Stompmode.

But now the tricky part begins...
Everything has to be MIDI controllable.

I´ve been working with Midi for my own Helix in Snapshot mode together with the DAW Reaper but now I need help to understand how to control the stomps in Stompmode with midi.

For example this scenario will occur in our setlist:

 Singer 1 has a telephone fx on his voice while singer 2 is muted.. Some moments later the telephone fx will be switched out with a delay and extra reverb (2 stomps) while the guitar turns on the double take .
So both paths have three stomps in total which have to be switched at the exact moment.

Do I have to use own midi-automation lines in reaper for every stomp in stompmode to activate and deactivate?


Thanks alot for your help guys!

Greetings from Germany!
- Worgram

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If I understand you, create snapshots with the required Stomps active or bypassed, then in Reaper send the snapshot MIDI (CC#069 + Value 0-7 for Snapshots 1-8). Since Helix does not by default send the Snapshot MIDI, you can't record it directly as you could with Preset changes (PC#s), so you'll have to enter it into Reaper's MIDI track manually at the correct point in time.

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Hey, @rd2rk

Not completely, sorry ^^

I cannot use snapshots only for this helix because the fx have to be controlled completely seperated.

For example If I would turn the vocal delay on/off with a snapshot, the state of the amplifier and the double take would be also switched, so I have to use these fx with stomp mode.

My basic question is: do I have to use separate midi-automation lines for every stomp and how do I program them to turn off and on at separate points?

Switching Snapshots via midi is quite easy for me but I don´t know how to turn off/on single stomps in Stomp Mode via midi.

Anyway, thank you @rd2rk for your help :)

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FS1-11 = CC#49-58 Value 127=ON Value 0=OFF

Toeswitch = CC#59


I imagine that if you want all the stomps to switch at one time without using snapshots you'd need to use separate midi tracks.

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Yeah that seems correct, have to do that... man it´s quite complicated to program three helix lts with midi haha :)

thank you for you help man :)

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