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dt50 bias probe points

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Before taking my line6 DT50 To a pro tech for biasing, I would like to collect some information first. 

checking on google and youtube, I have found a step by step  guide to retube and bias a dt25 w combo: 






on another topic hee on line6 forum, it is explained that in order to bias a DT50 one needs to use a dual bias tester 


"plug the bias tester probes into the power tube receptacles of the amp, then plug the tubes into the bias tester probes which look just like the bottom of a regular tube. Basically, the power tubes are plugged into the bias probe which is , in turn, plugged into the power tube receptacle (they are stacked on top of each other)"



my question is: Does the DT 50 owns the same 3 holes for the test probe points and the hole for the bias adjustment like a DT25  or is it different in design, in this case, it is a must to use a dual bias tester to get it biased? 


In other words, does the DT50 combo has such probes and holes that enable to bias the amp without using a dual bias tester :





I would like to inform you that I live In Algeria and there is no line6 shop or a line6  authorized repair, otherwise, I would directly take to such a repair center. My friend is a professional electronic.  engineer. He already repaired my DT50 and already changed its power transformer in the past. So, i would like to collect for him all the info, describe the procedure to him so that he will do it for me


thank you in advance.


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