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I recently bought this effect, I connected it with the 4CM to my 50 watt fender 5150 head!  One thing is not clear to me!  In building the chain of effects I put the fx loop in the middle, I put an overdrive and a gain before the fx loop and they work, while everything I put after fx loop doesn't work, can someone explain the reason to me?  I know that theoretically delays and reverbs should be put after the fx loop, do I miss anything in the setting?  I should put it all before the fx loop but I don't think that the delays and other effects are used optimally.  Thanks in advance

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I also use the HX FX in the effects loop of my Bogner Shiva.

Couple of stupid questions, just to make sure you have things connected correctly.

Did you follow the 4CM drawing showing what cables go from the HX to the amp in, FX loop send, FX loop return, etc...?

It is not intuitive, so make sure you follow what Line 6 shows.

In your FX chain in the HX, is the Loop Send/Return turned on (lit up)?

Make sure you are using Loop 1 if you are taking the Send/Return cables from Loop 1 (since there are 2 loops).

Do you have an Expression volume pedal at the end of the loop? That got me messed up at one point.

Maybe describe how you have the 4-cables connected (from what to what) and that may help us figure out what is going on.


Helix HX 4_Cable Method.png

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