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HX Stomp - DAW output only to headphones


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Hi everybody,

I was about to write a post about my problem but found the solution and wanted to share it since I didnt find an answer on the forum.


(HX stomp USB plugged-in)



Basicly I only wanted to hear the output of my DAW.

I wanted to have the wet signal from the hx stomp to my DAW and to have my DAW output to my headphones without having to hear the hx stomp monitoring and the DAW monitoring at the same time.


Coming from the manual:

When a DAW track's software monitoring is active, you'll likely not want to simultaneously hear the HX Stomp hardware monitoring signal. To achieve this, it is best to use the HX Stomp USB 5/6 inputs as your DAW audio track’s input source, and to select the Main L/R Output block on HX Stomp and turn its Level all the way down.

I tried this way but the signal going to the DAW is dry with the 5/6 input.


The way I found is:

To set the DAW to use the input1/2 and to use output 3/4. Then I plug my headphones in the "send stereo" output

Hope it helps somebody

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