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Mic or Line Output for Helix


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For the outputs, XLR and Line out


If I’m outputting to a console, will it be mic or line?


If both are connected to the same type of speaker, (all knobs same), will XLR and Line out have the same levels?


Also am I correct in saying that I don’t need a DI box?

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When you connect a microphone to a console, that's mic level. Connecting via XLR I always start with mic level. In a pro situation that usually gets it.

If you're connecting to amateur gear you may need Line level if the signal is too weak.

The level of the outputs will always be what you set them at in Global Settings.

If you're sending via XLR, you don'r need a DI box. Just be aware that phantom power from the board needs to be OFF or it will mess with your sound.

The Helix 1/4" outs are NOT balanced, so cable runs of >20' could mess with the sound (noise, attenuation) which is the best reason to use XLR cables to the board.

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2 hours ago, enjalt said:


Pointing to the manual (albeit French... which works for you ) is not a bad suggestion, but was the downvote of the OP really necessary? The OP knows the options, just wanted advice on which one to choose. This forum is all about advice and helping out :)

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