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Pod Hd X Is Line 6's 32x?


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Not sure how many of you grew up in the 90's and remember Sega's follies in multiple hardware drops that were abandoned shortly after release, but Sega made add-on after add-on for the Sega Genesis that created product gaps and severe customer confidence loss in their brand so that when they came out with what was their best console (Dreamcast. Loved it then, love it now. :-P) they crashed because people didn't have any faith in it or the Sega branding.


I'm throwing this out there because all the hype around the "next big thing" that they're about to push seems like it's going to leave the newly redesigned HD X series on the back burner, making effectively their version of the 32X / Neptune hardware.


Anybody else get this feeling / have this suspicion that this is what's happening? Just throwing it out there....

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lol, I like your Sega analogy. Made me chuckle.

What adverse affects are you assuming with your suspicions ?

Are you worried theyl stop supporting the HD X firmware wise ?

Cause eventually all older models will be put to pasture, that's

how it is. I don't think this is happening quite yet tho.

But seeing as tho the HD X series is pretty much the same thing

as the HD series, they might get abandoned at the same time.

This would very well depend on wether they share the exact same firmware.


If they don't share the exact same firmware, They

wont abandon it for a while yet id say.

Download both firmware's and compare the file

attributes, version numbers, file size ect. 

That would clear that part up.

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I'm going to assume that none of these sega expirements lasted 3 years like the regular HD has...

and the HDx versions are pretty much just a hardware revision of the same thing...

it's not that different than the ps3 slim... vs the "fat one" (sony did the same for PS2 for years)

HDx, really isn't worth upgrading for your average current HD owner...

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32X lasted close to 2yrs I think. It was an incremental hardware update to the Genesis that was promising, but never gained traction and was abandoned in favor of a new unit (the Saturn - which did alright, but was hurt by the modular three headed hydra monstrosity that was the Genesis/Sega CD/32X )


All the hype around the new amp they're unveiling at NAM in a couple of days feels like they're already ready to put the HD X series on the shelf support-wise, which is crazy considering how big a push there was for the rebranding and upgrading of the X series. I really hope the forum speculation is right, and it's just HD guts in a FRFR enclosure with an EQ match like the Axe II, because otherwise it's a kick in the nuts to everyone who got pumped for the HD X series and all the promise it showed for that platform.


I guess I'll know in three days whether holding off on running out and upgrading my HD Pro to a Pro X a few months back was a good idea or not. :P

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I think the major difference is that the gaming system was pretty much the only thing Sega made at that time... Line 6 has a pretty diverse product line. I don't know that you can assume that whatever the new thing is that it's meant to replace the PODs. As far as hype, isn't that pretty much the purpose of NAMM and trade shows like it?

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In a perfect world now that Yamaha's going to own L6 there'll be enough R&D money to throw around to all the various projects; POD and New Combo Amp alike. :D


I'm only concerned because it seems like it's a product targeted at the same market the POD is. Like they're stealing their own thunder, or worse, believe their HD X was poorly received. Maybe they think their consumer base has such bad ADHD that they need to throw another product at the same target market segment barely 3 months after the last one. :P And THAT feels like the 32X! hahahaha

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