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Pod Hd Desktop On Micro Crush Cr3, Cr35ldx And Jim Root Terror Amp Need Help!

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 I just want to ask for a little help for those who are professional routing a cable on these 3 amps from orange.


I own these 3 amps: A micro crush CR3 (for home practice with a low sounds)

                                CR35LDX (for small gig and home practice as well)

                                Jim Root Terror (for gig)


I own a Pod HD Desktop and a shortboard MK2.


I just need help on how to route a cable in each amps that I mentioned aside of using it in front of amp/combo amp.


I want to:


1. Use the amp on Pod HD Desktop and bypass the CR3/CR35LDX/JM Terror.

2. What is the use of MP3/CD input in my amp. How will I connect it through my POD.

3. What will be the setting on POD using each amps.


I read a lot of forum but I found only for POD HD500.


Thank you guys for helping me out on these



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