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Helix Phones Out stuck panned slightly right.

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Hi all.


Have been using Helix floor in mono, all sounds dialed in live at soundcheck, using XLR out left/mono. Haven’t noticed any problems over past year or so.


Had a chance to get it home and work on some sounds via headphones/ home speakers etc.


If I use the phones out jack/dedicated volume control all sounds are panned hard to one side. There is signal on both left and right sides but much stronger on the right.


It’s no different if I change headphones, leads, different stereo mini 1/4” to 3.5mm adaptors. No difference on different patches either, stock and custom.


Tried using contact cleaner on the physical jacks, no change.


Have tried messing with panning in output blocks. Left side is very weak sounding, and slightly distorting. I have to pan left 87 just to get each side sounding centre balanced. 


Is is there anything I’m missing in the software/settings that could be causing this imbalance?


My hunch is it’s a physical fault on the headphone output but I can’t check the other XLR and 1/4” L/R outputs where I am at the moment (no desk or interface etc here to plug into, just headphones and speakers with built in 3.5mm jack) but that will be the next thing I check when I have a chance.


Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance!





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Possibly resolved, fiddling with the phones volume pot, pressing down and wiggling causes volume to fluctuate and come back. New pot I imagine may fix it.

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