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adjusting volume levels across presets


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12 minutes ago, godfather_77 said:

I'm using the HX stomp Is there a shortcut or suggestions for adjusting the volume level across different presets so you don't get ones that are too low or high?


There are no shortcuts, no. Listen and adjust accordingly. Stand by to be told that you need six different varieties of dB meters, a live chicken, and a Ouija board to level patch volumes properly. Pay no attention. The two things you need, you already have:


1) Ears.

2) The channel volume parameter, and/ or the output block volume.

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1 hour ago, velaramon said:

Following up. Is it better to use the output block volume or a separate gain block?


That really depends upon the sound you're trying to achieve. Gain blocks will interact with other blocks within the signal chain to produce unique sounds/distortion depending upon what you have after it.  If you like that . . .  great . . .if not, don't do it. 


In regards to the original poster, they were using an HX Stomp which has only 6 blocks. When I was using the Stomp, and because of that unique limit, anytime I could get away with using the output block OR some level option (such as on the amp) I would go that route instead. 

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