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Helix into 2 Spider V 120s in stereo


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This is my  setup.  I have a Helix into 2 Spider V 120's I just set this up like this.  I am currently using it without any amps, effects, cabs, etc setup on a patch using the normal input on the Spider V so I don't have to hit the tap buttons every time i play to bypass the preamp.

I haven't tuned everything and made patches yet I just built this to replace my old setup of a pod pro hdx, spider v, 2x12 cab, triaxis, ada mp2, peavey classic 60 60 and a lexicon mx400.


Wanted to make it less complicated and save some money, bought the Helix, rack case, foot controller, expression pedal for $1400 then I bought a Spider V with FBV, transmitter for $100 off offer up.  Already had the other Spider V for $200 off guitar center used.  For my whole setup there I am in for about $1850.


Let me know what you think? 


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1 hour ago, Kilrahi said:

Well . . . I mean . . . isn't it more important to let us know what you think?


You are the one who paid for it. My two cents is it LOOKS cool . . .


Haven't used it enough to give a verdict.  I like it so far, mostly was just wondering what everyone thought of the idea of using 2 spider v 120s bypassed instead of FRFR speakers.  I tried finding out which speaker is in the spider v compared to the powercab but couldn't really find any info on if they were different or not.

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I think it's a decent idea. I use a Spider V 20 sometimes and it works well.


My assumption has always been to be profitable they can't be the MOST amazing FRFR and instead functions more like a "poor man's" version.


With that said, can I claim I hear problems with it?



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