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Thank You!

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I bought a used TonePort UX2 recently and with Windows 7, I initially had a beast of a time with it.

Messed with my Internet Explorer and maybe other stuff.

(Really my own fault. I neglected to check OS compatibility before I bought it. Now I'm glad I didn't.)


Anyway, wound up uninstalling it with the thought of picking up the battle later. Internet browser back as nature intended.

Couple days ago, I decided to spit out the binky, man up, and find out once and for all if I could make it work with Windows 7 or was it going on Ebay.

Took me about 5 or 6 hours of digging, downloading, dumping, downloading again, etc. (Lotsa operator error in that time, incidentally.)


Thanks to this forum, she now performs perfectly. I LUV this li'l box!

Couldn'ta done it without ya, folks!

Thank you so very much!


That is all.

Please resume rocking in your usual granite-like fashion.

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You "Spit out the Binky" hahaah. Sometimes you just have to step back for a bit and then try again, patience and a cool head will always pay off. I had similar problems as you have when I first begun the digital effects territory of life and on top of that I never really had a good analog background or guitar or music background either, lol. Acually it might be better that I don't have experience with analog pedals because you end up learning different habits and may have a harder time learning new things, it's all in the timing I guess. I have the same UX2 you have and like it alot, likley will never sell it.

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