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Digitakt MIDI triggering loop start/stop on Line6 Helix?


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Hey fellow musicians!

Well, the question is kinda simple. Can I/how do I make the Digitakt trigger the Line6 Helix’s looper to start and stop via MIDI? If it is possible please explain it to me in details as I am pretty new to the MIDI world and really have a hard time understanding all the CC messages and so on…
Note: I already have my Digitakt sending MIDI cloc, so that the Line6 Helix’s tempo is in sync - I just need it to make a loop that fits(starts and ends) perfectly in grid.

Thanks in advance!! <3

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After a quick look at the Digitakt manual, the simple answer as far as I can tell is: you can't.


The Helix Looper can be controlled via MIDI using CC (Continuous Controller) messages (page 57 of the manual).

While it appears that the Digitakt can be CONTROLLED using CC messages, it can only be programmed (as far as I can tell) to SEND MIDI NOTE messages.

If you're planning on using a computer in your act then there's software that can turn NOTE messages into CC messages:


Is one. I believe that they also make a programmable HW device that allows you to eliminate the computer for performance.

If you decide to look into these, keep in mind that there's a price to be paid in latency, though I don't know how significant it is, or whether it would matter for your purposes.

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