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Pod Xt Pro - How To Reset A Preset

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I have the above unit and I would like to reset a few presets I over wrote while learning how to manipulate the unit. All I have found on support and forums for the XT Pro is to reflash the whole unit to get it back to factory. That sounds a bit over the top. I just want to set a couple of presets back to factory.


The Pod Pro XT manual states in section 4-11 at the top paragraph and I quote "And don’t worry, because we’ll soon show you how to recall that favorite factory
sound you just saved over and simply have to get back". That is exactly what I want to do.  I have looked and looked. Perhaps I am blinded by the obvious but I cannot find how to do this. Can anyone help?



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I think you'll need to just turn all your settings back (undo them) is all or do what I do open the appropriate editor and drag a saved "New Tone" in the spots you want.


Updated: Sorry I misunderstood. Must have read your question too fast. :wacko:  You want to restore "factory presets". NucleusX's answer is correct.

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As I understand it. Factory presets are stored within firmware updates

so I imagine you would have to re-write your firmware to restore them.

Before doing this, I would make a backup of any customized presets

you have created or they will be lost.

It may sound over the top, but its the only way.


Once you've re-written the firmware, you should then be able

make a backup of the factory presets so you can just sync

those back to it in future rather than doing this all over again.


As for the 2nd part. I think that just refers to recalling that memory

or preset "location" and not the preset "parameters" stored within it.

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Sadly enough I believe you have the answer NucleusX. It is surprising though. These units were made and designed pretty well except this area. I have a Rocktron Chamleon from the 90's and even it will let you restore a factory preset after having modified it. When the HD's are selling for 200 bucks I'll pick one up and see what it will do, ha ha. Thanks.

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+1 NucleusX

You could back up you entire POD as a bundle, reflash the firmware, then save that as a bundle also.

As long as you have the bundle saved on your computer, you can just load and send any one tone to any slot on the POD instead of the entire bundle.

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