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Good morning everyone. I am new to IR's and downloaded the G12 Celestion pack last night.  Everything seems fairly straight forward.  However I am running stereo out of the HX stomp.  So here is my question....

When I place the IR  block at the end of my block chain what do I need to do to specify stereo out of the IR?  Or do I need to run 2 IR blocks in parallel and pan then right and left?  

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Typically, most people place a few mono effects before the amp, then the IR also mono (your amp is mono afterall) straight after the amp, then add effects like chorus, delay and reverb as stereo effects after the IR.

So they are not going stereo until after the speakers and mic (which is how it mostly happens with real amps.)

Now, it's not likely that you are going to get very interesting stereo from an amp only rig unless you use 2 amps. (you can get great panning delay after a mono amp for sure).

If you have 2 amps you would have an IR after each amp - again mirroring some bigger stereo rigs in the real world.

But as your IR is normally straight after your amp, and guitar amps are mono - it does not make a lot of sense to run 2 IRs in stereo.  I can see it like 2 very different cabs - but that would clearly need 2 IRs.

Oh, I see you have just mentioned that you are running out of space - well yes, any complex stereo rig that isn't simply stereo FX after the cab (IR) as I describe above - is well out of the scope of the stomp - it is a cut down Helix - and 6 modules is the limit!

I hope I'm being clear that most stereo rigs are post effects only (post the amp and cab) - that is something you can do with the stomp.



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Thanks all, I should have clarified more.... I am not running out of blocks.  I simply needed to understand the parallel path better.  I was successful in making two different paths but in order to keep things simple I placed ... IR -> Reverb (stereo) -> Term (stereo) out to stereo delay..... done. Thanks for the feedback all!.

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