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Randall Satan tone match - Advice required


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Randall Satan has been my all around favourite sounding amp since the 1st time I've heard it live. Since their availability in my country is an issue, I never got to buy an actual unit.

Well, now I have a Helix - reasoning behind going digital - that I'll leave to myself. All I can say is that I sold all my tube thingys. I saw Collin from Plague Scythe Studio dial in a Randall Satan patch with the AX8. Since AX8 can do it,  I bet Helix does too - "Sky is the limit" is the common phrase around this forum. I bet that we can get somewhat close to the real thing. I already cracked the Grind pedal - all it took was a 10 band EQ with specific settings (I'll post a screen later, it works great). I just don't know where to start... The Badonk? Elektrik? What amp would be a good starting point? Maybe somebody already tried tonematching the Satan? I have a wide array of IRs available - ML Sound Lab Mega Oversize, Ownhammers Mesa, Orange and the HHC2. I even laid my hand on Ola's own Hesu IR - I already use it as a "to go" IR. Truth be told, I can't even imagine using the Helix without third party IRs. I think this is where Helix fails, and if the stock cabs were better, we wouldn't hear about AXE FX eating the HX for breakfast. All advice is welcome - lets crack this thing, and prove once for all that the Helix is capable of good, modern, tight, djenty high gain. 


Down the rabbit hole,



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Well, I'm not incredibly familiar with the Randall Satan in particular, but I've seen others use the Line 6 Fatality model as a starting point for the whole Dimebag Darrell sound (he was probably the most famous Randall user, with the possible exception of the Edge using a Randall on "The Fly").  Thing is, that Pantera sound is really tricky to nail as it seems you need to use all sorts of EQ to boost and cut bands both before and after.  The Satan is a tube head though, unlike what Dimebag used, so if at all possible, maybe try to have 2 parallel amp paths with the Fatality and maybe something like the Revv, which is a pretty modern high gain tube amp?  And of course......lots of EQ.

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Hello Chr1s!

I am searching for the same thing because I recently bought a Helix LT and I also like Ola's sound.

Some remarks to the topic:

 - How did you manage to import Ola's IR (I found only *.syx format and this is not supported by Helix)?

 - I found a tone match from older Line 6 POD HD500, where the Line 6 Elektrik amp is used - link (maybe someone who has it could post the whole preset settings so we can dig up some idea about the Satan sound).

 - I tried to use the Ola's presets from his video - link (presets could be downloaded from video description); and these really don't work for me - too much gain and the sound is flat... and I am playing on Solar guitar so there should be no problem with this part of a gear :)).


Did you find any new pieces of information?


Keep heavy, with regards,






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Just download the free trial of the Fortin Satan plugin from NTS and use the same IR for both and sit there and A/B them.  I did it when it first got released and got really close. I’m not sure if I have the patch anymore because I deleted tons of stuff off the helix. 

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