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What JTV model is this?

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Sorry if this link is uncool but I'm dying to know more about this on a historic level - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Line-6-James-Tyler-Variax-RH-Made-In-Korea-Sunburst-Electric-Guitar/293163625069?hash=item4441e9ea6d:g:jWoAAOSw99ddQeIB


Never mind the sucker who reads and believes "works perfectly" (referring to the mag pickup I suppose?)  However the logic bay appears to be nil....



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Body, neck, jack plate, battery and battery box is a JTV-69. No program board or UI electronics. Pick-guard assembly, electronics and pick-up are not stock.

Very customized. Very early serial number, definitely the Korean version. No service record.


If it needs servicing it will have to go to a custom shop, we would not service that. If the new owner wants to make it factory and legit again, they can contact

Line 6 Support, and after evaluation,... maybe I can bring it back to factory again. It would be a semi custom out of warranty job to make it factory again. I've done

those before.


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