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HX Stomp Long press function

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Please add the possibility to assign a long press function to the switches. For example, long press FS1 to tune, short press to enable a booster, long press FS2 to go to looper mode, short press FS2 to chorus.


It will double the usability of this great little unit!


I think it's not so hard to implement that

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The reason they haven't implemented it is that in order to do it, it would mean that the short press things would have to be triggered on the footswitch release rather than the press. It's not completely a dealbreaker, as other manufacturers do this. But it might be something people would have to get used to. It would also mean having a momentary option for footswitches wouldn't be possible for switches with a long press function.

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Thank you for your reply Phil.

I think the trigger on release could be an option or the default when the user associates a long press to a button.

For normal operations, the difference should be very subtle.


I didn't know you can associate momentary option. Great option too. 

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