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IR clarification


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45 minutes ago, mjc009 said:


I suppose you could use both a cab and IR block in your chain. 


No rules! But, not a usual thing to do.

I have a preset that doesn't use an amp, but uses an IR. Why? Because I like it!

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8 hours ago, mjc009 said:

Man, this no rules thing is starting to mess with me...


That's why it is usually best to know the rules before breaking the rules.


10 hours ago, godfather_77 said:

Is it also correct that you don't  typically replace an Amp block with an IR?


This falls under the "know the rules before you break them" category.


An IR can capture EQ but it cannot capture gain. You wouldn't be able to get the sound of a high gain amp, distortion and all - but I suppose an IR could capture the set tone of a clean amp. I'm not sure there would be much advantage... as you would then need to add an EQ to operate as the tone stack. 

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