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HX Stomp: extnal footswitch with LED ?


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I've seen a few midi controllers that had a programmable LED. They were probably thinking about the Stomp when they designed it.


However, even if you do find an external footswitch that has a LED, the Stomp itself doesn't support sending color coding to external footswitches so I think you'd be out of luck.

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Boss makes various footswitches that will do that in their FS series. The LED is just an on/off indicator though, not color coded. Read up carefully on the different models, some latch, some are momentary and at least one can be switched either way. Also note whether it runs on batteries, adapter etc to suit your needs. Anything that has LED's will need power. 

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17 minutes ago, matthieus said:

yes, I see 


the problem is the FS4/5 jack in doesn't informations about status


Kilrahi, do you remember which models of midi controller you think about ?

Thank you



The one I was looking at was the new Disaster Area Designs Midi Baby. It's a great size for the Stomp, and you have some control over the led choices.


Edit: To be clear, the Stomp won't control the LEDs of the Midi Baby. However, if you knew what you intended to control with the Midi Baby, you could set the color of the Midi Baby so that you remember better. 

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