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Line 6 updater AND Helix Edit not conneting

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Just got my Helix LT ,

I downloaded updater and Helix edit

When i connect the helix to my PC windows 10 ...it doesnt see it!

Neither Edit or updater...what should i do??



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You also need to install the driver.


The best thing to do is download the most recent version of HX Edit. This is an installer package (exe file). Running this installer will install the most recent compatible versions of the HX Edit program, the Line 6 Updater program, and all associated drivers. Install them all. Then connect your LT  and run the Line 6 Updater program to update the firmware to the most recent and compatible version. Do not have the HX Edit program running while doing this.


For further details see the installation instructions that appear on the HX Edit download page.

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