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Lcd Screen And Knob Position


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Hello all


Is there any way to keep the lcd screen showing the position of the knobs instead of the preset name when operating the amp?


When playing live, and especially when using the venue's cab you have to tweak the EQs of each preset for the venue..and time for soundcheck is not always ideal... As a result sometimes you just have to fine-tune EQs on the fly in the first songs, but this is very difficult since you dont know the actual position of each EQ for the current preset.


For example, if you want to add a liitle bass, the actual bass knob may be at 12 o'clock but the preset position may be at 9, so in order to add a little bass you have to roll the bass knob down (provided you remember that it was initially set at 9)...confusing eh?

If you could see the preset knob position in the lcd screen you'd take this as your basis and know what to do..


Manual mode is a good work-around if you only play with one preset OR if you only use one amp simulation.


I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem..


Alternativelly, is there any way of bringing the position of the virtual knobs on screen without changing any of the EQs or volume?


Thanx in advance..


PS. I know this has been mentioned in other topics, but no solution has been given and I find it to be a major issue, so I decided to open a dedicated topic on this.

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You're correct, you're not the only one with this problem.  Where's Line 6's response to this?  Very frustrating!  This questions has been asked serveral times before, with no solution...or even a polite response...from Line 6.  Here's what I posted in June 2012:


I have owned several Line 6 guitar processors including the PODxt, PODxt Pro, POD X3 and my latest, the Spider Valve MkII 212.  Of all the features on the various units, one of my favorites is the reference dots on the PODxt.  When you make a tone, volume or gain tweak by turning the appropriate knob, the display shows a reference dot to indicate the value of the setting before the knob was turned.  This feature was omitted on the POD X3 due to programming reasons per Line 6.  This feature is also not available on the Spider Valve, so when I turn a knob to make a slight adjustment such as a minor volume increase or tone tweak, I can't tell where the original setting was because the value jumps to wherever the knob happens to be at the time of the adjustment.  This makes minor tweaks on the fly very difficult.  Of course that's not a problem when I'm using Spider Valve Edit with the amp connected to the computer via USB because I can see all of the settings.  Is there a way to get the amp to display the settings before turning a knob to get a reference point for the values of gain, tone and channel volume?  Or does anyone know if there are plans to add the reference dots back into the display with a firmware update?  Thanks in advance for info or tips.


Some one responded by saying that the only way to make adjustments is to use Spider Edit on a computer.  No duh!  I went on to say...


Yeah, I gathered that.  Unfortunately, this isn't practical in a live or even a rehearsal situation.  Since connecting the amp to a computer via the FBV controller basically disables the controller, there is just no good way to make minor adjustments on the fly.  Even with the POD X3 there was a way to get to the amp settings screen and see the values for gain, treb, mid, bass and channel volume before making adjustments so you had a reference point before you made a tweak.  I hope Line 6 will provide an update to the Spider Valve that will either add the reference dots back to the display or provide a way to see the values without having to turn one of the knobs, not knowing where the setting was before making the adjustment.  It's just very inconvenient and disappointing when Line 6 comes up with features that work really well (such as the reference dots in the PODxt Live) and then doesn't include them in the new gear which should seemly be better and more advanced than the older stuff.  Sometimes it almost seems as though they are not listening to the user community...or maybe I'm just the only one that is complaining and is inconvenienced by this.


Hello...Line anybody out there?!?

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