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Suitable Midi Controller For Dt25 Firmware Update


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Hi folks, I have recently purchased an HD500 and DT25. I have flashed the HD500 no problem but I am getting the common errors with the DT25 when attempting to flash using usb-midi cable. I have tried all the suggested tricks but it does look like I need to buy a decent midi controller.

I was already on the lookout for a simple midi keyboard controller to enable me to record some basic synth / percussion etc on cubase. I am looking at a :-

Behringer UMX250 U-Control 25 Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with USB/Audio Interface Anyone know if this will enable me to flash the DT25 or is it the wrong sort of device for that?

Cheers in advance, Steve (PS any tips on a better small midi keyboard controller around the £100 mark will be gratefully received)

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M Audio Midi Uno 1x1 should work as a simple USB to Midi in/out cable.





For updates with my DT50 I've had succes with the Rig Kontrol board by Native Instruments which is part of Guitar Rig if you where thinking of a good VST




Also the M Audio Key Rig 49 is a pretty cheap controller or try looking at the Samson Graphite series that come bundles with Komplete Elements by N.I









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I can say that using the m-audio uno was as simple as it gets. Using an iMac, plugged in the usb uno, hooked midi side to the Dt25, (it even tells you which cable goes to what on the cable itself), launch Monkey, pick your Dt25 amp, then choose update selection.worked first time no issues.


I would definitely recommend the uno!

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