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Snapshots and Command Center Crashing

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My Helix crashes when I try to load a snapshot that has Midi Notes commands set up in the Command Center. I am running Firmware 2.82. Has anyone been able to find a solution?


Here are some more specific details and examples::

  • If I am in snapshot one's Command Center and assign a foot switch to a Midi Note On command,  I can load snapshot two just fine.
  • I then can then make changes to the Midi Note On command(s)  in snapshot two
  • Then when I try to load snapshot one again, my Helix crashes, the screen is dark, and I have to reboot.


The Helix would have a lot more value to me if I could use the same Midi Note Commands assigned to the same foot switches in all my snapshots for a preset. As it stands now, I have the Midi Note Commands set up only in snapshot one. 


I would appreciate your experience, insight, and suggestions!

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Attach a copy of the preset and I'll have a look at it.

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