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No Mod Locking Tuners for Vax Standard

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Best to go to your local guitar shop or music instrument retailer and compare to see what fits.


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3 hours ago, wcmexbm said:

What brand/ type locking tuners that require no drilling would work with the Variax Standard?

Looking at these Hip-Shot Grip-Locks, suitable?



There are several things to consider:


1) The diameter of the hole that the tuner sits in.

2) The position of the mounting screw on the back of the headstock.

3) Some tuners have a small post that protrudes from underneath which serves as an anchor, in lieu of a mounting screw...some older Sperzel tuners had these. This would require drilling a small hole to accommodate the post. This is less likely to be the case though, as the ones you picked clearly have a mounting screw.


#2 is often a problem. Even if they otherwise fit, the position of the mounting screws is not universal... they can be anywhere. You'd have to see if the ones you want have that mounting screw in the same position as the stock ones...if the stock ones have them at all. If not, you'll be drilling and/or filling holes.

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Also, be sure the strings have a 12 to 15 degree breaking angle between the string nut and tuner post hole.


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