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Pod HD Pro (No X) Lifespan

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It is time to retire my Focusrite interfaces because they are no longer supported by the Mac OSX update.  (Long story of firewire and adapters for years...64bit etc...)


I bought a Line 6 Pod HD Pro years ago, and it sat on the shelf because it didn't really suit my needs...  However, I am able to "re-use" it now that I have lost support for my sound card!


To you old school Line 6 people...or even someone higher up...?  How many years can I "expect" it to remain compatible with something like OSX?  Is ten years sort of standard for a sound card lifespan?  Is it maybe longer because it uses USB instead of... say... a rotating line of "speedy interfaces"?  :P


I know we ALL want to KNOW how much time we have left!  But that answer isn't always available!


Any info would be appreciated!  Thank you!  :)

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Probably quite a long time... Line 6 is still updating drivers for products going back to the PODxt, and that came out in 2002.

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