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Split input for 2 guitars into Helix


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Hi, I'm teaching my neighbor's kid to play guitar and I wanted her to have some fun playing with the Helix LT. I was wondering if I could use a 1/4" Y-splitter to connect both guitars into the single Helix LT input. Both guitars are passive - a 96 Les Paul Custom and a Gretsch Streamliner centerblock Jr. Will this kind of setup damage the Helix LT in any way?




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lazily omitted the LT
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1 hour ago, mritt said:

Ah crap, sorry my bad. I should have said Helix LT. It doesn't have an AUX input. I will edit my post.

Thanks for the help though ChasingMango.




It would still be better to go a different route. Plug one of you into an FX return and put them on the second path.


Your earlier way won't hurt it, but the above way will have unmatched separation of sound, and you can each set up your own signal chain.

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