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FX100 users who have upgraded to Helix

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Looking for users that have migrated from owning an FX100 to purchasing a Helix. I'm currently using an FX100 for gigging, running through an Fender Bassman and a Marshall 4x12.  I'm interested in improving my overall sound, and I'm probably going to switch to going direct to FOH very soon anyways.

From what I've been able to glean, it seems that the big benefit of upgrading would be that I would gain the newer modeling technology, but give up the tone matching capability I have now with the FX100? 

I'm wondering if those that have actually done it have felt like they received a good value in making the upgrade?

Thanks in advance for your perspectives.

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If you depend on the Tone Matching, and you're overall happy with your sound, stay where you are

With Helix you'll have to learn to create your sounds from scratch.

My recommendation is to DL the free NATIVE trial and try your hand at it.

Compare what you've got to what you hope to get and decide for yourself if the grass is really greener on the Helix side of the fence!

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Thanks rd2rk! I'll try out the free trial. I hadn't run across that before, but that's a great idea. I guess I'll get a feel for how much better the tone might be as well.

I forgot to mention I'm in a cover band, so constantly cycling tones. So matching, at least as a basis, is pretty useful to me.

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