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toneport UX 8 input level monitoring in the software

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Hi expert users, I am successfully using the UX8 to record multiple channels simultaneously as intended. I am using Powertracks pro 2019 multitrack software.

My issue is getting some sort of level monitoring for the input signal strength within the software. Powertracks has a VU meter that seems to work for tracks one or 2 cant seem to set it to other tracks.

IIn the ASIO drivers set up for UX8 which is accessed within the PT software the UX8 has a spot where you can set hardware to monitor channnels in pairs i.e. 1/2   3/4/ etc however it only works on the 1/2/ setting, any other settings the meters dont see any signal even though i know it is there as Im recording it.

Anyone have experience with this?


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