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trs cable question


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1 hour ago, godfather_77 said:

I'm using a 1/8 trs to 1/4" ts mono split cable to connect my mp3 to the stomp. The TS plugs have different coloured rings one white and one red, does it make a difference which colour goes into the AUX IN l/mono or right sockets?


53 minutes ago, chasingMango said:

It does not... one is the left channel, one is the right channel.  If you swap the cables between L/R input, the L/R output will swap accordingly.  Only matters if you expect certain sounds to be panned left or right.


While it is largely true that it doesn't matter, particularly with two channel stereo music, sometimes it does matter (such as surround sound scenarios, though often now those are simple plug and play hdmi), but in case it ever DOES matter, red is typically the right channel.

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