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Simulated acoustic guitar on HX Effects


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Hi... I'm using HX Effects running into a tube amp. This is probably on a forum somewhere but I couldn't really find it so thanks in advance for your patience. Can someone give me some advice on making a block to get a reasonable facsimile of an acoustic guitar? Sort of a like a Boss AC-3 pedal? It would really be cool if line 6 just added that pedal to the next update... Thanks! 

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The BOSS AC-2 was all EQ....

The BOSS AC-3 was a combination of EQ and Impulses (COSM). Plus the addition of reverb....


No, there isn't anything simple in the HX that will do this, but a decent acoustic IR (3 Sigma, Glenn DeLaune, etc...), judicious use of EQ and a splash of Reverb (to taste) will get you into AC3 territory. 


Glenn DeLaune has a Helix/LT preset available but not for the HX Effects. Maybe he'll sell you the "IR and settings" so you can create the patch yourself in the Effects. 

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