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Where to set volume on Stomp if running straight in?

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I'm building a patch that is just effects for running straight into my amp. But when I first tried it - TONE SUCK. I realized that it's probably because the input level to my amp is being decided by the master volume on the Stomp, turning that up helped a lot. 


Does anyone who runs their stomp this way from time to time have a way that they've locked in the "sweet spot" so they're not rolling down the input level or boosting their amp too much?


I realize I'm being a little OCD and I could just turn the volume knob until it sounds good, but I can't help that, you know....

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Make sure your 1/4" out is set to INST to go into the front of the amp. Crank the Stomp Volume (UNITY GAIN) and control the final volume from the amp.

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