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Helix w/ Yamaha THR100D


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Hi, all! I just got a Helix Floor, and have been experimenting w/ what I can do w/ it.


I also have a Yamaha THR100D (Dual Head) modeling amp, which I like very much. What I'd eventually like to do is feed both the THR100D and the Helix into a Mixer (w/ a built-in Digital Interface), along w/ a mic, drum machine/backing tracks, etc... (I'm doing this for fun, and am not a pro at any of it.) Out of curiosity, I was also looking at the possibilities that I have in controlling the Amp and Mixer from the Helix itself (this thing looks pretty powerful!), allowing me to swap between amp channels, Helix internal effects vs. those on the Amp, channels on the Mixer, etc.... Again, no particular need, just seeing what's possible at this stage, but at a basic level:


- Best method to physically connect to the THR100D for Presets that use it exclusively, and best way to insert it into my Preset.


- Ability to send the out from one guitar to either an internal Amp/Cab or either channel of the external Yamaha THR100D, possibly w/ switching via the Helix based on Preset, Snapshot, Stomp, etc... I can probably do this in one of 2 ways - one cable from the Helix to Input 1 of the THR100D and switch it there (possibly controlled from the Helix), or 2 cables from the Helix to the front of amp and control which is getting signal internally in the Helix.


- Ability to route the final (stereo?) out of the Preset to the Mixer (and/or Phones). If the output goes through the THR100D, the line-out from the amp is direct to the Mixer (this is how it was set up prior to me getting the Helix), so I would have 2 channels form the THR100D and / or 2 channels directly from the Helix into the Mixer. I may also want to send a dry signal to the amp as well if I start doing more recording, but that should be relatively simple to add (if I have any Sends left...)


So, at this point, I'm trying to set up a Preset 'Template' for myself w/ the basics of how I would like the Helix to connect w/ the Amp and Mixer that I can build off of (adding effects, experimenting w/ Amps/Cabs, etc...), and (of course) have run into a few issues. I've attached a PDF w/ my notes on what I'm seeing along w/ what I think are the relative sections of the THR100D's manual. I'll also attach a copy of the current Preset I'm experimenting with if it helps. If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, I'd appreciate hearing them!


BTW, I've reviewed what I can find on the 4CM (and 7CM), both in general and w/ the Helix, but in most cases the info is about a single-headed external amp w/ mono connections, or using dual amps internal to the Helix, so it's not exactly what I'm looking to do and I am probably missing something. 


Thanks in advance for any advice!



Helix Notes.pdf


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Just an update to some of the above...


I think I figured out the problem w/ my 'Test' Pre-set - I can't have one send and then 2 separate returns later in the chain. So, using the wiring as I described in my notes and combining my Send and Return for 1/2 into single FX Loop, I can send the signal back to the cab on Send 3/4, add additional amp/cab models after the Send to the signal chain (if I want) and use the XLR mains to go directly to the Mixer. I can work with this as my 'basic' template, though.


One issue I did have with the above is that I now can't use any of the Factory Presets with internal Amp models w/o adding an FX Loop on 1/2 to the signal chain - I just can't seem to get any output to the XLR Mains without it in the chain. I'm a bit befuddled as to why I need this FX Loop, as long as the final Output is set to 'Multi' or at least the XLRs?


Oh, and I also spent a couple of hours this afternoon re-wiring my entire rack and finally found the source of the ground loop hum that was bugging me on and off for a couple of years now! So, 'Yay' for that!


if anyone has any other tips, I'm all ears!


Thanks again for reading.



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