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HX Stomp - IEM/FOH without sacrificing block and FX Send/Return


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Hi there,

i read at least all that i could find about IEM (bandmix, click, playback) on stage/rehearsal with sending my guitar signal (stereo) to FOH/rehearsal-mixer.

There also were nice solutions without the need of an extra block.

But all this solutions are using the FX Send and/or Return.

In my setup I like to use the FX Send/Return for a TC electronics Mimiq (stereo doubler).

So, has anyone an idea how to IEM/FOH without using an extra block and without sacrificing the Fx Send/Return?

I guess it´s not possible, but who nows...perhaps someone has food for thought.


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the holy grail and Sophie's choice...

its a trade off if you want to route a FOH mix thru the HXS to Headphone out—you'll either; lose a block, lose a main out, or lose the send option.


From digging thru the forum and a few experienced knowledgeable replies, there's no way around it with the current hardware setup.
Guess we cant have it all ;)


please post solutions if you find one 

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I get my IEM mix from the PA, not Helix. We use an X32-Core with 2 SD16 digital snake heads. This provides 10 (5 stereo) busses and outputs for individual IEMs independent of the main FOH mix. That's the best way to go, maybe even if you can only get one shared monitor mix for the whole band for IEM use.


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I have a similar issue, and here's how I've done it so far.  I have a Digitech S-Drum pedal, which is a drum machine you can program on the fly with your guitar.  It has a guitar in, guitar out, and stereo mixer out.  If you plug in just the guitar in/out, the drums come out the guitar output, eq'd for a guitar cab.  If you add a plug in the left mixer out, it gets mono drums and the guitar out just gets the dry guitar through.  Adding the right mixer out gives you stereo drums.


What I want is to get my processed guitar and drums out the stomp headphone port.   The best way I've figured so far is running the L/Mono drum output in to the right input of the stomp, and my guitar through the sdrum into the left input.  At the beginning of my chain, I split the left input to the top path and the right input to the bottom path.  I put the merge before the LA studio comp last in my patches (jason sadites style).  The compromise here is that the drums also go into the compressor, but I don't mind that too much; I just use it for practicing anyway.


I wish I could put in the split and merge blocks without actually putting one of my 6 precious blocks on path B, but that doesn't seem to be allowed.

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