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Relay G75 NO TX Issue


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Hi all, 

I'm new to this and today; purchased a G75 for use with my bass guitar. Having opened it from the packaging brand new, the receiver doesn't seem to connect or find my TB516 G transmitter. Whenever I try to set it up as it states by creating a new scene, turning the transmitter off and turning it to channel 1 or 2 when prompted, it says 'No TX found' and then goes back to saying NO TX in the bottom right corner. Any suggestions, or am I being stupid?


Kind regards,


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Hi All

I understand how you feel I have the same issues with the same set up as yourself.I purchased both units about 18 months ago I only used it four times and it's never worked since. All I get is no TX issues on the transmitter. I went through the proper channels with Line 6 support and in the end they gave up and told me I need to take it for repair. It was brand-new and I only used it four times. I was so shocked when they told me I need to take it for repair. I have done all the factory resets and installed the latest firmware versions but to no avail.

Can anybody help me ?

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