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Bass amp models for Firehawk


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Hi guys, does anyone use Firehawk as a bass multifx unit? I play guitar and bass and in the latter case I run a Tech 21 or a Bass Pod XT in the fx loop, but I always wonder why Line 6 doesn't add its fine Bass models to the Firehawk app (which from my point of view doesn't sound like a titanic venture), so it would be a more complete product. What do you think?

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I agree, it looks like Line 6 gave up on this nice piece of gear :( 

but I’m pretty sure there is still a lot of Firehawk hardware to be sold around the globe, and that simple move would extend the market target to bass players...

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4 minutes ago, sciamu said:

.. it looks like Line 6 gave up on this nice piece of gear :( 


I wouldn't say they gave up. Technology moves quickly and virtually every technical product, from any manufacturer, reaches a point when further updates simply don't make sense. Firehawk is still being manufactured and is still supported but its feature set is in all likelihood now fixed.

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I know that this post is a little late but if anyone is still interested, here's my tuppence worth on the subject. Simply put, if you are a bass player, avoid the Firehawk (FH) FX board.


Unlike most POD and Helix products, the FH FX doesn't pay much attention to the needs of bass players. If you dig into some of the board's effects, you will find a very limited amount of bass oriented functionality but, IMHO, this board is designed for guitarists.


Of course, you could (as I did), build your own bass tones from scratch. You can even use some of the guitar oriented presets as a starting point. I did have some success e.g., I concocted a couple of patches that were "in the right ballpark" according to my drummer; but these tended to be novel bass sounds, not the basic tones that every bass player needs.


In summary, after two days, I got frustrated with the FH FX and gave up. IMHO, the basic elements (e.g., a decent compressor, etc.), required to build good quality bass tones are not there. They could be, but I doubt that Line 6 will provide such an update; not for the FH FX.


Finally, given that the FH FX board didn't provide a solution, what did I end up doing? Well, I got myself a little Boss GT-1B, which sits nicely on my FX board and, given the price, is an outstanding piece of kit; on it's own or as part of a larger bass pedal configuration.

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