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Audio and playback problems with Cubase LE, help please

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Just activated recently, bought the USB cable and am having issues playing back. Basically, I'm not hearing any Loops and Samples playback. Here is my status as I currently have it on my computer...

  • Sound -- Output device > Speakers (my amp Line6 Spider V30).
    Input -- Microphone (Spider V30).

Microphone -- Cubase LE is using your microphone.

and when I go to simply start recording a guitar track...of course I go to Project, Add Track,....WHAT should be in audio inputs? Additionally, Configuration is in MONO, and Audio Outputs is in Stereo Out.

...so I need to hear playbacks and start recording. I know I need to turn something OFF, or isolate my guitar signal when previewing drum tracks.  WHICH is it?? And my OS is Windows 10. Thanks for all the help!

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