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Saving and recalling patches in Ableton

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I have been trying to set up a system for live performance using Helix Native as a plugin in Ableton. 

Thanks to recent updates I can now select presets via midi, which is great.


However ...


I am trying to also turn blocks on and off via midi. I can allocate control switches to block bypass switches, and then allocate those midi switches to controls in Ableton and everything works perfectly. But if I select another preset and then come back to the one I have done all this allocation of control to, all my work is lost. Saving Ableton seems to make no difference. Pressing the save button in HN only allows me to save that preset to some file on my Mac ... and doesn't save the changes within the preset.


I have looked at the "Pilot's Guide" and can only find out how to import and export.


So ... it feels like every time I need to change preset I have to open a file from my Mac ... or have I missed some key element here?


Is it really only possible to save presets if I have my Helix Floor connected ... there must be a way to do proper editing and saving of changes within a DAW. Surely???


I really wish that Line 6 would write a full manual for this equipment. I am a former technical writer and would very happily do it for them ... for a fee, of course! But the current documentation is extremely inadequate. There. Got the off my chest! I do love the sounds I get from this gear ... which is why it's so frustrating.


Any help is most appreciated!





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The method I use is to have two or more instances of HN with different presets on a track and switching them on and off using envelopes in Ableton. Not ideal, but it works.

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