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Wouldn't it be wonderful if our HX Stomp had a dedicated professional, gig worthy, Plug & Play controller, where you don't have to program anything?

What if it could also work with batteries, and... wirelessly?

Better with a large touch screen as H.U.D?





Version 1.0 (5 Presets)






Preset Mode:



Stomp Mode:



iPad Main view



Looper controls



This is a MIDI Layout Made to work with MIDI Designer Pro 2 (sold separately).

Allows to use a Roland FC-300 MIDI pedalboard with the Line 6 HX STOMP, using SYSEX messages to control all the onboard LEDs, expression pedals and footswitches.

Plug & Play. No config needed.

Partially Wireless!! Plug your FC-300+iPad together, then control your HX Stomp Wirelessly!

Requires some aditional hardware. Please read carefully the following requeriment list.



- Line 6 HX STOMP

- Apple iPad + MIDI Designer 2 + this MIDI Layout

- Roland FC-300

- Roland UM-ONE MIDI Interface

- Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Interface

- Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 camera adapter


Making connections:

-Connnect the Roland UM-ONE MIDI DINs (In, Out) to the Roland FC-300, then plug the USB to the Apple Lighning to USB 3.0 camera adapter, plugged to your Ipad.

- Plug the Yamaha MD-BT01 to your HX Stomp, then connect Wirelessy once in MIDI Designer Pro 2



- Premapped SYSEX Mode to make both devices work seamlessly together.

- Offers control over five preset on the FX STOMP (1 to 5)

- Expression Pedals with real-time movement on the iPad screen.

-Bypass and Tuner functions assigned to the Footswitches under the Exp pedals (including On/Off LEDs)

- 3 FS assigned to Snapshots (One LED active)

- One FS to Switch Stomp and Preset Modes, that also works as Tap Tempo.

- 5 FS (lower row on the FC-300) with double function: single press to turn On/Off effects, Long Press to change presets 1-5

- Looper Controls onscreen

- Control over the FC-300 screen brightness and ECO mode.


Version 1.0 - Released 24-MAY-2020

Future versions may include additional features. All updates will be free of charge for current costumers.



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This looks great!!!!!

Can you share more info?  Can we get to any info via a link?
Thanks for sharing eh.

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It's already available, guys!!


This is the first version, offering Plug&Play functionallity over five presets (1 to 5)



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Version 2, coming soon.


V2 Improvements:

— Selectors for each of the 5 footswitches dedicated to program changes
— Memory for 9 internal "Banks" (so, 9x5 presets)
— Four buttons for the HX Stomp modes included in the Looper view
— New "Credits" and "Connect" buttons

Covering the entire Roland FC-300 SYSEX specification plus the HX STOMP MIDI implementation to make them work seamlessly together. All plug&Play! Does not require any user configuration.

More than 1000 lines of Stream Byter code!
About 100 hours of single man work!

Full control over the Roland FC-300 onboard LEDs, 3-Digit Screen (showing preset numbers), LCD Screen (2 x 16 characters), and both Expression pedals, all synced with your HX STOMP!









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Pena que en mi país el FC300 salga tan caro. Si sumo todo lo necesario para controlar la Stomp y evaluo el espacio que pcupa todo casi que me conviene mas tener una LT


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