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Connecting Helix into amp FX loop RETURN - ins/outs global settings


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Hi Guys. 


I've bougt my new HELIX and moving my first steps to learn and use it!


I am interested in using it with my Hughes and Kettner Grandmaister 36, in particular connecting Helix to amp's FX Loop return, so using my tube amp only as power amp.

The question is not about other ways to connect… I know the 4CM, I know connection in front of amp…I know that everyone has his own preferences….but  my necessity is to connect in the amp's fx loop return.

OK… I've a simple question, becouse I've read tons of articles, posts, spent hours on YouTube videos… but without finding the answer :)


If I connect from HELIX 1/4 mono out to amp's FX Loop return,.....what should I select in global settings INS/OUTS? Instrument or Line?


Thanks for your attention and feedbacks!



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1) Connect shielded 1/4" cable (instrument cable) to Helix Left/Mono 1/4" out.

2) Connect the other end of the cable to the Amp's Fx Return.

3) Most MODERN amps are designed to put normal stomp type pedals in the effects loop. In Global Settings>Ins/Outs. set the 1/4" outs to INSTRUMENT level. If the level is much lower than the level when plugged directly into the amp (no Helix) then you may have an older amp designed for Rack effects. Try the LINE level setting.


Depending on your amp, the MASTER volume (if it has one) may be before the FX Loop. If that's the case, it will have NO effect, and you'll get full power amp output INSTANTLY. Start with the BIG KNOB (set in Globals>Ins/Outs to control the 1/4" outs) all the way down and turn it up slowly to prevent ear damage. If the MASTER volume on the amp is after the FX Loop you can set the BIG KNOB to something other than 1/4" or leave it full up (UNITY GAIN) and control the level from the MASTER on the amp. Your choice.

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