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Flimsy G10 Transmitter

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I bought a second hand G10


Seems like a slightly newer model, as the base LED is much brighter than my first unit.


The transmitter it came with however, has a very flimsy activator pole (the small pole button near the TRS plug)...just a slight touch activates it and stays on, another tweak at it and turns off and so on...basically unreliable when it it comes to turning off.


Does anyone knows why? Like a common cause and how to fix it?


The unit seems ok, no signs of abuse or scratches. Maybe someone knock it while in the guitar, or dropped it, I don't know.


Also, another side symptom of the loose bit is that sometimes the transmitter doesn't start charging. Is not too bad, I found its quirks, but would like to fix the transmitter.

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Nevermind, I fixed it.


Opening the transmitter was a breeze knowing there was a screw in the back of the sticker.


Upon inspection, nothing was clearly bent, but I decided to lift the metal tongue that touches the pole because it might be a bit misaligned. By lifting I mean centering it around the pole by carefully wedging it up. It seems like the tongue was a bit misaligned, by a nanometer or so.


I had one go at it, clearly something aligned because the unit now works as intended. Like brand new :D 

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