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Volume and Blue Comp Treb


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I'm using the 1964 Blackface Lux for a clean sound, I have the volume around max.  I have to bring the volume of my overdrive presets down to around 50% in order to match the level of the clean preset.  Is this normal?


Also, I noticed that the Blue Comp Treb adds some boost and liveliness to the overall sound.  Is there a way to accomplish this without using a compressor?


Thank you

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The easiest way to get extra volume is, in my experience, a) making sure you've got the right cab for your amp, and then b) it's still a compressor, but you can use the amp's inline compressor – not anything under the DYN tab, just the one under the AMP menu – set the threshold to 0, and then dial in some postgain.  Not perfect, but it works.


You could also just bring down those high gain settings and then turn up the master; a lot of 2-volume amps recommend that technique anyway, and the Spiders are pretty goddamn loud, so you shouldn't run out of master volume.

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