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EXP1 vs. EXP2: any significance in name?


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New user. I'm using HX Stomp with Dunlop mini volume pedal using TS cable.

From global setting, I selected Tip as EXP1 and polarity inverted, and Ring as FS5 which is default even though I don't have FS5.

Everything works fine but one thing strange: If I assign volume pedal as controller using discovery, sometimes it names the pedal as EXP2.

Is this behavior expected? I'm confused as I only have EXP1 from my global setting but Stomp sometimes names it as EXP2.


Again not a problem using it. I'm just curious.

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I don't think that's unexpected with a TS cable. EXP1 uses the tip connection in the jack and EXP2 uses the ring connection. With a TS cable, you're shorting the ring to the sleeve, but there's probably some current that runs through the connection when you move the pedal, so the Stomp is interpreting that as a pedal moving.

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