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Lost here


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Hi, I'm new(bie) here,
I just bought my Helix floor. It says Firmware 2.30. I read the instructions so far and updated HX Edit to 2.82, but after that I'm lost.
These lines:

- Launch Line 6 Updater. The latest version was automatically installed when you installed HX Edit 2.80 in "STEP 2—Updating HX Edit to 2.80" above.

- Enter your Line 6 Username and Password and click "Sign In." A big green box appears with a picture of your Helix product. Click the big green box and then click "Update" next to Version: 2.80.


1. I can't find the firmware updater 2.80

2. When I sign in, I can't see any green box to update.

Thanks in advance.

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Firmware update is here:


For the dropdowns, select "Helix" for hardware, your Operating System (Mac/Windows) for OS, then Line 6 Updater for Software.  I did the update a while ago, you might need to install HX Edit as well.  Upgrading to the newest version is a little detailed, you really just need to following the directions very carefully.  One of them main things is that at some point you'll get an error message that makes it seems like things went wrong, but its supposed to happen.  I think the instructions say that this will happen.

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Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software.

Install HX Edit 2.82 - (When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked). > includes the new updater and drivers

Start/connect the Helix and the LINE 6 Updater(but not HX Edit) > sign in and update your Helix


If the updater can not find your Helix device, try annother USB-port or a reinstall

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