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HX Effects Effects loop


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Hi - I feel like a complete ignoramus as I don't understand half the stuff in here about loops / IR's whatever whatever...)


I got my hands on a HX effects with a view to replacing the bulk of my pedal board which was basic enough;

guitar > Tuner > wah > boost > OD > compressor > into a marshall TSL 100 input socket > modulation > delay in the TSL FX loop.


I want to replicate a similar set up with the HX but cant work out whether I need 4 cm (which is what I have now in the pedal board set up above) or 3 and how to get the mod and delay in the FX loop and the rest in outside the Fx loop.  Also if I keep my tuner and boost pedals before the HX... 


Once I have that sorted, I then need to play around with these effects and how they sound in the 3 amp channels (clean / crunch / lead) in the amp.  


If anyone else is using the pedal with a Marshall / fx loop it would be great to get some tips on a good simple set up that sounds good as that was the objective. I tried it last night for 2 hours, sounded terrible. I tried with 4Cm - got no sound so did a factory reset with my FX loop on the amp. Tried basic 2 cable in and out and it sounded terrible (big volume changes, just not nice tone ((.  I saw all the YouTube videos of them sounding amazing so if anyone can get me up and running - I owe you :)


Many thanks




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First, find out (RTM) what the Marshall FX loop expects - Instrument or Line Level. In Global Settings Ins/Outs set the 1/4" Outs to the proper level for the amp.

If you've used stomp style pedals in the loop before without level problems, assume Instrument level.


Then wire it like this:


Guitar > HXFX In > HXFX Send 1 > Marshall INPUT > Marshall FX loop send > HXFX return 1 > HXFX 1/4" Left/Mono Out > Marshall FX loop return


In your HXFX signal chain, add a FX Loop 1 Block. All FX BEFORE the Loop Block will go into the Marshall Input. All FX AFTER the Loop Block will be in the Marshall's FX loop.





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