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Acoustic 700 piezo repair in Sydney Australia

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Hi guys,


The D string on my Variax Acoustic 700 is electronically barely audible.


I don't believe it's anything more than a problematic connection between the D piezo and the bridge PCB**.


Can anyone name guys in or near Sydney Australia who've got experience with the insides of this guitar?


And for the interim, any troubleshooting methods to help further diagnose where the problem sits?


Thanks all, much appreciated.




**My reasoning for this is due to my experience with the guitar in the few months I've owned it.

- Purchased in March/April from an interstate seller.

- A friend living near seller tested guitar on my behalf, gave it the ok.

- Friend loosened strings before he shipped the guitar to me.

- Upon arrival, the D string piezo was barely audible.

- I loosened string, carefully applied pressure to piezo and retightened string onto it. Success.

- Some intermittent dropouts for a few days but got it under control and have had no further problems since March/April.

- I recently loosened the strings; now D string is once again not working, this time it seems unfixable. (I did manage to get a very, very distorted -but appropriately volumed- note out of it briefly but I think that was a death rattle; hoping it's not the ribbon or PCB!)

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On 11/19/2019 at 4:05 AM, psarkissian said:


Check with them to see who can do a guitar. If they need to consult with me, they have an email channel for that.


Thank you for these helpful replies, and my apologies for not checking in and acknowledging them sooner!


Fortunately the boards and programs are fine and it was merely a faulty piezo, as suspected.


We replaced the D string piezo and the guitar sounds perfect. Used it at three gigs over the weekend and was further convinced it's one of the greatest bits of guitar tech I've ever bought ❤️


Thanks again!


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