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Flextone I Plus cant access presets or save

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It’s an old Flextone I plus I bought back in the 90s and plugged in for the first time in several years. I do have the floorboard, and it seems to be stuck in E mode/banks and even when pushing both bank up/down buttons it just switches back and forth between E (edit) mode banks and U0/manual. 

it sounds very good in manual mode, and all of the controls on the amp (minus editing and saving anything) seem to operate normally. Anyone have any ideas?

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2 hours ago, ChicagoDan said:

Same issue here. Any luck figuring out the solution?

Short story short, no. 

it wasn’t the end of the world because I also had/have an old Fender amp and plenty of pedals. 


I contacted Line6 and they quite rightly told me the amp was old as hell and they don’t really support it anymore. The tech advised me I could buy one on the used market for $100. Which I knew. But I wasn’t about to buy a 20 year old used software amp. 

Anyway, I bought an Orange Micro Terror because I wanted a different sound to go along with the Fender and resurrected my very old but very functional pedals (I had a cab already). For recording I got Bias FX2 and honestly I use that every day through my studio monitors even more than I play through my amplifiers. It’s easy and sounds great. 

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