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Midi patch changes

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Going from an M13 to an Hx Effects. 

I can't figure out how to send patch or program changes through midi to my mini amp gizmo. 

I can't believe this is missing on this unit.

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It's not missing, you just didn't RTM.


There's two methods:


MIDI PC#s correlate to HX FX Presets - 01A= 000;01B=001;etc



In Global Settings, MIDI/Tempo, set MIDI PC Tx = OFF

In CommandCenter, use an Instant Command (IC, the lightning bolt) to send whatever MIDI message you want sent on Preset Load.


Global Settings section starts on page 38.

MIDI starts on page 42.

This is v2.50 Owners Manual, there may be a more current version, go to the Support area of the L6 website to check.



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What is RTM? I set global tx to off. 

One more question. When I start using snapshots, are only 4 total or 4 for every preset?

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